Bluetooth Speakers

Looking for a sustainable alternative to mainstream Bluetooth speakers? A one-of-a-kind way to listen to your favourite music and podcasts that is also likely the most environmentally friendly Bluetooth speaker on the market? Every one of our bespoke Bluetooth speakers is made right here in Geelong from a geniune 40-90 year old radio. We take obsolete and unloved valve and transistor radios and carefully combine their beautiful old speakers with the contemporary electronics to give you the best of both worlds – Yesterday’s style and sound with today’s technology and safety. Our new electronics are tested to Australian Standards, and almost every other part of the Bluetooth speaker is repurposed, making it an incredibly low-impact way to enjoy your favourite audio. Even our power supplies are low waste – we provide a USB power cable ready to connect directly to your spare phone charger. Every one of our Bluetooth Speakers is unique, it has a story to tell and new songs to sing.

Do you have an old radio collecting dust? We can covert your old radio to a Bluetooth speaker.

If you already have a radio in your collection, or maybe it is your grandfather’s, and if you want to expand it’s music repertoire, then we can add Bluetooth and get the old girl singing sweetly again.