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Turning old things into good things

Every piece is hand made. Every piece is creatively designed and created using existing materials. Every piece is as good as new.

We want to share with you a collection of products that are unique, quirky, sustainable, and of a high quality.

We started our journey with old radios. These old items were once heroes of the home, bringing news and entertainment to families around the country. You may have been tuned into 3AK or 2BE nightly to hear familiar voices cascade from your HMV or Astor Mickey. Now the old girls may be sitting in dusty sheds, or at the back of your grandpa’s cupboard. Too many are being thrown away as their purpose and function no longer hold value. For us, we wanted to do something about this. By giving them a new purpose and evolving their functionality, these radios can reclaim their rightful place in lounge rooms and kitchens as vintage Bluetooth speakers. By connecting your phone or iPad with Bluetooth, you can now kick back to your favourite Spotify playlist, digital radio station, or podcast. We keep the original speaker, and only replace the minimum components required, thus keeping as much of the original integrity of the radio as possible. For us, taking something of little value in today’s society and reimagining it to give it a new life is the essence of what we do. Our next step was to add furniture to our product range, and then looked for other makers to see who else was also doing like-minded things. Over the past year, the number of makers we work with has grown to over a dozen, each with a unique skill set creating something beautiful and long lasting from the discarded. We turn old things into good things. Our product range is eclectic, with everything hand made, sustainable, and unique. If you see something you love, you’ll know it is made with care and will live on to bring joy for another lifetime. Our range includes vintage Bluetooth speakers, upcycled bags, reclaimed homewares, reimagined furniture and bespoke jewellery.

Need something custom?

You dream it, we’ll make it. 

Beyond our products, we also offer custom made furniture. You may be in need of the specific piece of furniture to fit that certain spot in your home. Maybe it is a dining table, TV unit,  kitchen sideboard or coffee table. Or maybe you have a sentimental piece of furniture that was your grandmothers that you don’t know what to do with. We can work with you to reimagine it into a functional piece of furniture for you. We love getting creative, so talk to us about your ideas.